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    Restoring St. Lucy’s simulacrum

    A simulacrum is a life-sized wax figure of a saint that serves as a visually compelling reliquary for the saint’s relics. St. Martha’s Guild was part of the restoration process for an 18th century simulacrum of St. Lucy, and they document the process with lots of photos. I don’t have permissions to repost and this […]

    New Zodiac Series Oils

    Zodiac Series Oils at Seraphin Station. Also new (in the sense that I just now got around to listing them): Boss Fix , Exodus Oil, More Than Conquerors Oil, All Saints, Chrysalis, Healing.

    Taking Potshots on Pinterest

    Originally posted on Big Lucky Hoodoo:
    I know it’s too easy and not sportsmanlike and all, and I really try not to reach for the low-hanging fruit *all* the time, for real. But sometimes you just run into stuff **and you have to say something** or you’ll actually **bust.** Exhibit A: THE STUPID. IT BURNS.…

    Angelic Protocols

    Originally posted on Feather & Scale:
    I’ve been knee deep in star magic of late over at Rune Soup, and the tech in question uses Christian prayer to help get things off the ground. Why? The tech continues and builds out of vastly ancient magical techniques. And as I’ve played with it, it works. Meanwhile,…

    on love binding spells (just gonna leave this here)

    Originally posted on Big Lucky Hoodoo:
    Just stumbled upon The AfroMystic’s article “4 Reasons Why ‘Binding’ a Lover to Yourself is Not Smart.” I’m glad she wrote this. Now I don’t have to. But it needs to be said. Out loud. Regularly. Now I know not everybody sees eye-to-eye on all the finer points and…

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