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Updates on items/shop stuff, what I’m currently working on, etc., are posted to the Seraphin Station blog. So if you’re following this blog but not Seraphin Station, you could be missing news and announcements (plus general rambling, of course).

And if you want to sign up for the mailing list/newsletter, you can click on Hi Top here.You can get a “welcome coupon,” plus I send out subscriber-only offers, advance access to cool stuff, and surveys that I weigh very seriously when I’m deciding what soap to make next or what kind of Rewards Program stuff to set up for y’all.  

I’m going to edit and update the existing resources and links here at Big Lucky Hoodoo, turning the old blog posts into actual articles and organizing everything over time, as I have time. Ideally I’m hoping to finally finish at least one of the book projects I started along the way, once I have my head above water again. But we’ll see – in the meantime, this blog won’t be updated with actual new stuff all that often, but Seraphin Station will be.

Taking my own advice

May 18, 2020 § 2 Comments

While record-searching/sorting, I stumbled upon this that I wrote to a client many moons ago, re. dating as a single parent esp. when your child is very young.

The constant search for “the next relationship” to the extent that parenting is put on the back burner is some messed up shit, but so is the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction where everything else gets put on the back burner and the child is the center of the universe. You don’t want to find yourself with an adolescent or young adult child one day who has an overdeveloped sense of entitlement to being at the center of everything you think and feel and do and who will punish you for daring to consider a relationship that is not centered on them one day.

Hmm… that’s pretty funny. I got to learn all the words to that song myself as a parent. Probably should have taken that advice I was dishing out…

Also this:

Martyrs don’t make good mothers. They just make money for therapists.

Hope that client spent the last 10 years balancing all that stuff a little better than I ultimately managed to 🤨 ‘Cause this stuff? Was a huge component of the misery/chaos crescendo that led up to my falling down and not managing to get back up for a few years, actually. I’ve been so focused on math and file folders I kinda forgot about getting kicked in the teeth by this crap.

I hardly ever meet anyone in my life who comes close to being my match in stubbornness. Some might call it bull-headedness. My grandmother certainly did! But my kid? Holy shit, y’all. She’d rather have been grounded *for an entire school year* than cave when she’d set her mind on not doing whatever it was I wanted her to do. Good times.

Parenting is not for the weak!

[reminder: i mostly update the Seraphin Station blog with new stuff. I mostly edit things that are already here on this blog rather than add new things so I can gradually make a coherent and less confusing whole out of the various blogs and sites I’ve got stuff posted/stored on. so if you want to read the latest, follow Seraphin Station, and consider signing up for the mailing list as well. I have all kinds of subscriber-only goodies going on with that.

And remember, if you’re a client/customer from 2015 whose stuff fell between the cracks and you want to know what I’m doing about it, there’s a whole FAQ devoted to that at Seraphin Station, too.]


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There is only so much Twitter I can handle before I start to feel anxiety shredding the edges of my consciousness, and I have to stop before I let it take me someplace where I’m useless.

This is esp. critical right now because my entire freakin’ personal narrative, professional identity, whatever kind of trajectory or sense-making is all snarled around this huge nasty tangled up mess of what “usefulness” even is/means/does anymore. Inertia and anxiety – and exhaustion, to be fair, and probably some vitamin D deficiency stuff – kept me effectively paralyzed for about four years. I did an intense residency in learned helplessness. Everything I’d once known in my bones to be true, to be reliable, to be wisdom I could use to navigate anything… all my old strategies, all my old mantras… everything broke down. I couldn’t make it go again. I couldn’t adjust my vision to correct for what I knew was distorted thinking, and nobody could do it for me, either.

It probably wouldn’t take much for me to go right back there. I can’t afford to do that. I can’t afford to waste any more time.

It’s just that now I’m not always entirely sure how best to prioritize All The Things. There are a lot of Things. And my ability to assess and categorize and prioritize is probably not quite back up to fighting shape.

So I can only spend so long catching up on Twitter or scanning Facebook. I only have so many emails in me in one afternoon before things start to feel shaky and I have to go outside and pull some weeds or something. I am going to have to fumble my way towards figuring out what a sustainable work-life balance even looks like now, and I think my entire perspective on and relationship with the concepts of what work is worth and what vocation is and what it means to be useful and meaningful and how to tell when you’re pushing something too hard or getting stuck in minutiae … all of that is fucked up and needs detangling/redoing/something.

I had one strategy before. Work hard and know everything you can know. If shit isn’t going great, work harder and know even more. It never failed me in over 40 years.

Until it did. I don’t have another strategy, though.

I started thinking today, “Maybe I should get a reading. My own perspective has been skewed for years. Just a perspective check wouldn’t be amiss.” I went and looked to see who was still around at AIRR, and a lot of the folks I’d have once confided in aren’t there anymore, and I started getting sidetracked reading all the profiles of all the new (quote unquote – they probably aren’t new at all lol) people and looking at all the book titles folks have come out with…

and had to steer myself back to what I was supposed to be doing in the first place instead of falling down a rabbit hole…

and realized I don’t exactly know what the fuck that is and that’s the whole problem. My default? Well, I have 8,000 emails to answer, better get to work.

But I can’t work that way right now. It’ll kill me.

I thought, “Maybe you should see if Rev. Fred is available anytime soon.” And then, “You should, to say hi, but you already know what he’s going to say.”And then I thought, “You know who I need a reading from? Henry fucking Rollins.”

And then, “You already know what he’s going to say, too.”

So I’m not going to push to answer 20 more emails tonight (and fail, ’cause that’s too many, and then beat myself up for failing to make enough progress…)

I’m not going to sit here and obsess about shit that makes me sad. I’m not going to try to solve anything that needs more than a night to solve it. I’m going to clean the kitchen, do some pushups, drink some water, take a spiritual bath, and remind myself that this is really all nothing more than a midlife crisis with some epically bad timing. As awful as it’s felt, it’s all pretty pedestrian. It’s just I had this weird isolated space here on the edge of the state where I don’t leave the property for months at a time and my sense of perspective can get way screwy before I realize it. So it can *sound* a lot worse in my head than it necessarily is.

So my center of gravity has shifted a little is all. I just need to find it again, get the blood flowing, and rebuild some muscle mass, figuratively speaking, until I’m not so wobbly. I can’t do that sitting down – gotta move around and try things out. Just have to avoid getting bogged down when things don’t always work the first time (or the second time)…

This has to be the right direction. Because *there isn’t another fucking direction.*

Sweat. Drink water. Take a bath. Stop writing yourself into some dismal existential novel and look around. Listen. It’s not just you. It’s all these people, too, and that’s the part you somehow aren’t hanging onto. So maybe you do need some Twitter and some Facebook. Just maybe smaller servings, ok?

St. Anthony of Padua material updated

May 11, 2020 § Leave a comment

anthony post cover (1)The St. Anthony material from the FAQ Directory has been consolidated, updated, and  moved to its own page, with lots of linked sources and resources.

Coming soon, I hope: St. Anthony chaplets and maybe a few pakets, too.

boring status update (2015 reparations, organizing of stuff)

May 8, 2020 § 2 Comments

I have a few emails sitting in my inbox that I haven’t answered yet, not because I’m ignoring the people but because I wanted to give them good, solid news… or at least solid news… when I did respond.

My plan was to spend the weekend locating and sorting through all the paperwork associated with clients, customers, companies, processors, orders, charges, chargebacks, postal crap, etc by Monday and announce that I had a list or something.

Yeah, that was unrealistic. I’ve found lots of it but I feel like I’m missing something pretty crucial – probably like all the info for orders and services in progress that lived on clipboards in the appropriate area while in progress. Haven’t found those clipboards yet, which is frustrating.

I did find the storage box containing orders that my partner had spotted. It was large. It was full. It was full of shipping boxes in various stages of being filled. Quite a few of them had paid shipping labels attached to them. And they went into storage. And they stayed there. I just … I can’t even. (This is me not screaming. It’s taking a monumental effort.)

I guess I secretly/semi-consciously hoped that I’d blown all this up in my head to monstrous proportions but it wasn’t really as bad as all that. Well, it really is as bad as all that (and this is just orders for items – haven’t dived into services/readings yet :/ It could realistically be *even worse than I thought.* )

And the former customers who’ve gotten in touch with me over the past week to say they’d like to have any products/supplies that could currently be created rather than just a straight-up refund? Well, I was hoping I’d find their full or nearly full and ready-to-go shipping boxes in there and that everything in their order would still be usable and stable after sitting in a box in a storage unit for years.

LOL, yeah, that’s not too realistic either, huh…

Well, at the very least, I hoped I could see what made up their order and check to see what could conceivably be recreated if I have or could order the materials. That would give me an idea of what was left over that I’d simply need to refund.

Well, no such luck there either. I mean, the boxes didn’t even have packing slips in them (wince). No names, either, most of them – just initials and order numbers scrawled in horrible handwriting that’s barely legible on the outside of the box. In theory, if I can decipher those numbers, I can make a start towards a list, but yeah… I have a long way to go still.

It kicked up my asthma, too, all this digging around in dusty boxes and files, which has made me feel all slow and gross and fuzzy. (It’s taken me two days to write this post now that it’s after midnight.) And it really bummed me out. It was enough to send me back under the bed for a while.

I didn’t do that – I’m still here being vertical and trying to tackle this head on – but wow, this is a challenge (and not just financially but also psychologically).

Anyway, I’m working on it! I’m also still working on populating the new Etsy shop, Seraphin Station, which is very slow going, in large part because I have to rework prices on every single little thing, both to account for how much ingredients have gone up in almost five years and to account for Etsy’s  new-to-me, complex, and quite significant fee structure. This is all after I go through all my stuff and determine whether I even *can* make the thing in question, which in some cases can take a day or two. (One box I needed yesterday ended up being up in the barn in the loft, which I had to move a 12 foot ladder over half an acre to get to. Stuff like that. Free workout, I guess…)

But one thing’s become clear as I’ve been doing this – Etsy’s free to charge what it pleases, but especially for someone who tends to stock lots of smaller, lower-priced items (like individual oils or bath crystals), their fee setup isn’t very friendly. (Neither is their pressure to offer free shipping, because there’s no such thing as free shipping, really – but that’s gonna have to wait for another post when I’m less fuzzy headed before I try to talk about math!)

So I’m investigating alternatives. As with everything, so much depends on available funds, which means I have to make one thing go before I can afford to make the next, better thing go — since the next, better thing usually wants X amount of money a month. But hopefully Bonanza support will answer my email at some point soon and I’ll know what’s what with that. It might not be ideal, but its fee structure means I don’t have to tack $3 onto the normal price of a bottle of oil like I do at Etsy, blech.

Any of you folks who have done this same song and dance with platforms who have any recommendations, I’d love to hear ’em!

anthony post cover (1)And in not-whining-about-Etsy-and-my-allergies news, I’ve updated the FAQ Directory to consolidate all the St. Anthony links into a single blog page, updated the resources, and written up a bio/overview. (Mostly so I would have something to write here that wasn’t me whining and that could actually benefit *y’all* since this blog’s been a little shy on that kind of thing for a while now!)

St. Dymphna + update on 2015 record-sorting/reparations

April 28, 2020 § Leave a comment

If you’re just here for the hoodoo, there’s a new post about St. Dymphna up at the Seraphin Station site with links to prayers/novenas and some other sources and resources.

st dymphna medal (4)

Currently available at Etsy.

St. Dymphna these days is called on for a lot more than just anxiety and psychological disturbances. She’s become one of those saints like St. Jude who is called on when shit really hits the fan and things seem impossible. So she’s increasingly one of those “patrons of lost causes.”

This is pretty timely for me. This afternoon, I finally managed to download transaction reports for the entire year of 2015. Haven’t managed to get the raw reports into any usable form yet, but that’s one more tiny piece of the puzzle at any rate.

See, in 2015, I largely relied on Paypal to keep my records. Everything was associated with a transaction, and anything hitting my email account got labeled/filed and marked/moved around as appropriate, and stuff in-house lived in hardcopy until it got a shipping label. I had half a dozen different assistants over 2014-2015, and that definitely contributed to the records being in chaos, but at the end of the day, I was sure I could sort anything out ultimately because of Paypal. It was simple to pull up an order someone had placed and see if it had been shipped or not, ’cause it would have the shipping label payment transaction associated with it, whether it was shipped from Paypal or from my USPS account, which was funded by Paypal.

Yeah, it doesn’t work like that anymore.

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Long time no see…

April 25, 2020 § 16 Comments

Well, I’ve basically been offline for over three years now.

It’s been a rough few years. When I thought things couldn’t get any worse as I was updating you guys about shipping and paypal issues and such, well, they did get worse. They got even worse than my anxiety and worry had needled me about. A bunch of my nightmares came true.

cabin subfloor sep13 2016For a while, I lived in a small tent in the woods. My partner’s family donated materials so we could build ourselves a one-room cabin, which we did and proceeded to live in well into the winter, which pretty much sucked.


And by the time I had a roof again and got my stuff out of storage and inspected the insect and weather damage and found entire boxes of stuff that had shipping labels on it but it never got dropped off at the post office…  by the time I realized how badly I had screwed up with so many customers and clients, I couldn’t see any way to fix it short of paying them back, and until then, I decided, I couldn’t show my face (so to speak). I would lay low, keep my nose to the grindstone, and work work work until I could appear with reparations.

Well, I worked worked worked alright, but I sure never came close to being able to afford to throw enough money at these issues, and the more time passed, the worse it all felt, and the more final. How to fix my business without being open for business… couldn’t see a way. Over the last couple of months, though, a few things happened.

I had a falling out with a family member that reminded me very keenly about something I know intellectually but lose sight of when things get painful — that we only get out of life what we put into it, tend, and stick around to harvest, and we have to do that ourselves. We can’t sit still and just hope things will change any more than we can sit home and hope somebody else suddenly remembers we love them and they haven’t spoken to us in six months. Can’t control their emotions, can’t control all kinds of things, and can’t read minds, and if we wait on them to remember we exist or for life to somehow get easier *before* we put our shoulders back to the wheel… well, we’ll rot. We have to get going with our own lives even when we’re sad about the way it turned out.

Around the same time, a friend gently suggested that my perspective on it all might be a little skewed and I could be turning this into an all-or-nothing scenario when in fact there were more than just two binary options. She also reminded me that I’m a writer and that I get a lot of my sense of meaning out of that. She was right – so in leaving academia and then deciding I’d screwed up this business and all my client/customer trust and relationships royally and fatally and forever and had to go live under a rock, I suddenly didn’t have either of the vocations that I’d put everything into over the last 10-15 years, and I also didn’t have anything to write, anywhere to put it, anything to say, or anybody to say it to. There are really only a couple of things I know enough about to bother articulating opinions and ideas on, and I had no room or outlet to do so re. either one.

Just about everything in my life that contributed significantly to my sense of identity or vocation or meaning was upended, exploded, turned inside out, or at the very least shaken to within an inch of its life over the past few years – my sense of self as a mother, as a rootworker, as an academic, as a teacher, as a daughter/sister/niece/cousin, as a problem-solver and thinker and writer…

adult dark depressed face

Photo by Pixabay on

And who in the hell would want anything to do with spiritual commentary, advice, or services from somebody who couldn’t even fix their own shit when it broke? (went the mental narrative) Why should I even bother trying to unsnarl the incredibly messy tangle I’d have to dig shoulder-deep into to even start getting a clear picture of where things are? (went the mental narrative) I had nothing of any special value to contribute anywhere anyway. (went the mental narrative)

And then coronavirus happened. I have allergic asthma and it’s been very poorly controlled  over the last three years since we moved out to the middle of nowhere and then into a old house full of 20 years of cat dander, mold, mildew, dust, God know what else (definitely a goat used to sleep in the living room when it was cold out). So I’m in that category of folks who could realistically end up deader than hell if I get sick. And we live so far away from an emergency room that I might not make it even for a regular old asthma attack.

Well, damn, I thought. Never thought I’d be one to go out with a whimper.

Then I thought, wait a second. Screw *that.* For better or worse, the good Lord gave you a loud damned mouth and that seems to be the only asset you have left, so maybe you should be using it. At the very least, you can put your apology out there instead of just cringing your way into the grave looking all hangdog. Your sitting there feeling like shit for a few more years, or until you die of pneumonia in a couple of months , isn’t gonna do anybody any good.

So maybe a few people see you around and show up to hurl rocks and epithets. Well, you earned a little grief, so suck it up and take the best chance you’ve got to fix it in the foreseeable future. But it’s pretty unlikely that anybody except you has been obsessing over this several times a week for a few years, so they probably aren’t going to be emotional about it. (went the new mental narrative)

…All of which seemed fairly reasonable and plausible, actually.

So here I am going through the rubble, seeing what can be salvaged, seeing what I do and don’t recognize of the world now, and trying to suck it up and start fixing things.

It is pretty slow going. I have some real messes on my hands and a few things have changed since I last had to fool with them. But if you want to keep up with what’s going on, the plan is to regularly update the new site, Seraphin Station, with that sort of thing. I posted a note there the other day for people who were Karma Zain customers/clients between 2002-2015 explaining some of this, but it’s gonna take me probably months still to track down and catch up on everything and everybody, so there’s bound to be some repetition and some rubble along the way.

I haven’t even been able to access all my old social media yet, and I figure I must have about 8,000+ messages and comments to sort through (sigh) but I’ll be keeping up with new messages here at this blog and the Seraphin Station one. I suspect I’ll keep both and let this one be the more “advanced” material/discussions for people who don’t need a generic intro to spiritual work and are already familiar with conjure specifically. I guess… we’ll see?

But if you *don’t* hate me and would like to see me kicking around on the web making a nuisance of myself again, please leave a comment and let me know how you’ve been, or drop me an email (you can use the contact form at Seraphin Station or the gmail address), or wave or click the like box or subscribe or *something* so that I can tell my imagination to get stuffed and to stop with the sky is falling stuff :/

Hope everybody is healthy and hanging in there and your homes are all peaceful and patient and loving and nobody has cabin fever!

current coupon codes: Oct 9-15 + giveaway / prize drawing

October 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

So this is the home stretch, or the last gasp, or however you want to see it. I’m not as caught up as I’d like to be (as if there’s such a thing as degrees – I mean, you’re behind or you aren’t!), but I’m still working, and I’m still struggling to scrape together the funds needed to get everything made and shipped. And of course the fun continues on other fronts (the household has a vehicle in the shop — again — for instance).
So I should have another box of packages going out today or tomorrow, but there is still a whole ‘nother big bin full that needs shipping, so this is another sale, good from now until my self-imposed deadline of Oct. 15 (see earlier posts for more info).

I will probably be going through the site and pulling down items that I probably won’t be able to afford to restock the supplies for until I am out of the crunch, like soap and candles, so if you had your eye on anything like that, don’t wait too long. (I *needed* to do this way before now, only it’s a question of time – there’s a limited amount of that and the time is generally consumed wholly by the Quest To Get Caught Up rather than the Sorely Needed Maintenance and Application of Common Sense Measures That Might Help.)

And I really do think I’ll get some finished shrines put up today or tomorrow too – let’s hope. I have some previews of some related stuff in the previous post and below.

Prize / Drawing / Giveaway

And every order that comes in between today (Oct. 9) and midnight on the 15th of Oct. will be eligible for a drawing to win one of these handmade sacramentals / altar items / talismans / whatever you want to call them, created for the saint, spirit, or loa of your choice and consecrated to that spirit or saint for you in your name. I will draw randomly from all eligible entries after the deadline on the 15th and I’ll give away at least two of these – whether I do more will largely depend on whether I will be closing the shop for a while or not on that date.

You can see an example of a fairly simple one that I made for a friend/client last week, and another, larger and more complex, piece in progress in the previous post. I suppose you could call these Karma-Zain-style detentes or badges or even package amulets in some cases. Generally these are double-sided, involve at least some sewing, and have cords or tabs for hanging or pinning. They usually range in size from palm-sized to desktop-sized, but we can talk about what you prefer if you are a winner, and about what in the world you might call these things if you care. But if you win, you can call them yours!

I haven’t quite finished any others because I’m focusing on getting orders made up and packaged still. But in the photo below you can see a collection of in-progress pieces I gathered to give you a taste of what will hopefully be done this weekend. The sequined piece on a white square background would be my largest and most elaborate “badge” / detente to date when finished, though most are more along the lines of the Ghuede / St. Gerard piece posted previously – the sequined one involves more detailed sewing than I really have time for right now, so there won’t be anything else quite like it ’til I catch my breath, I’m afraid.

You don’t have to do anything special – just place an order. That will function as one entry into the drawing/giveaway. Two orders = two entries. And *every single order, no matter the order total, will have an available coupon code* – there is no minimum amount required to take a percentage off, though as usual lately, the more you spend the more you can save.

(c) 2015 Karma Zain

Current Coupons (through Oct. 15):

Use code ides15 to take 15% off any order at all, regardless of cart total.
Use code ides20 to take 20% off orders over $25 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides25 to take 25% off orders over $60 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides30 to take 30% off orders over $100 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides35 to take 35% off orders over $160 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides40 to take 40% off orders over $250 (before discount, excluding shipping).

All good through midnight Oct. 15.

For instructions on using coupon codes, see the applicable heading in the FAQ.


Terms of Service re. shipping/handling and prep times apply.
Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.
Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service, including your understanding of our posted shipping, handling, and turnaround times; guidelines for contacting us about a current order or service; and instructions for how to request a trace on a shipped item.

saints and sacramentals: relics, badges, scapulars, detentes, amulets, etc.

October 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

Again, no time for a real post, but a quick collection of notes about saints, sacramentals, scapulars, relics, badges, and the essentially-untranslatable usually-South-American but sometimes-European item called a detente, which is often what gets called “scapular” on sites like ebay and pinterest. These are links to some Pinterest pins in which I comment on a few examples. If all goes well, I’ll elaborate with more examples when I’m caught up later this month (fingers, toes, etc. crossed, God willing and the creek don’t rise, etc.)

Sacred Heart and Mother of Sorrows – this one has the word “detente” on it even.

eBay seller called this Sacred Heart badge a “scapular” and a “second-class relic,” which is total rubbish since it’s neither, but it’s a beautiful piece.

Now this is actually a scapular.

Peruvian Sacred Heart detente.

Good example of handmade embroidered detente described inaccurately on eBay – I wish I’d captured the original seller notes since those are long gone and you can’t read what I’m responding to anymore.

Beautiful hand-embroidery on this scapular, and it IS a scapular.

Handmade Peruvian scapular.

Even reputable sellers can give you bad info on relics, which can get quite technical and complex.

Silly rabbit! Relics aren’t for kids! Bad Latin, no cookie for you!

I’d call this a badge, but you could make a case for detente (I’d want to see the whole piece, 3D, before I made my own call). It might be a relic – can’t tell from the photo. But it’s by no means a scapular.

Beautiful St. Rose of Lima detente.

I’ll eventually get around to posting some info and definitions, history, and descriptions, but not this week for sure. I’ll also eventually get around to finishing all my own examples I’ve started over the years, like the one below (which admittedly isn’t my fanciest — I made it very quickly as a gift so as not to hold up a package from shipping any longer than necessary). (And yes, many of mine merge elements of South American packet/package and bottle amulets — like the ones I make custom for clients — with elements of other sacred and religious folk art and sacramentals.)

front and back, (c) Karma Zain 2015

And here’s one in progress, below – as you can see, many of the ones I’ve previously made or am making combine traditional saints’ iconography and images with elements of that saint’s manifestation or portrayal in religions of the African diaspora, like the below piece that features elements of the vodou loa Ghuede / Gede and will have St. Gerard on the other side.

(c) 2015 Karma Zain

Look for the next post on how to win a custom handmade badge/detente for the saint or spirit of your choice.

current coupon code: Sep 26-30

September 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Still hustling to get some packages out and trying to fit in finishing some new pieces (mostly shrines and altar bottles, particularly some seasonal Day of the Dead, Ghuede, Les Barons, vodoun, Santisima Muerte, and Halloween stuff), but taking a moment to post a new coupon code (since every cent that comes in is immediately consumed by competing demands – labels to be paid for and printed and refunds to be processed – I am continuing to juggle all this as best I can and keep income coming in so I can keep packages going out).

Use code FALL20 at checkout to get 20% off any order totaling $50 or more (before shipping), good now through midnight on the 30th.

For instructions on using coupon codes, see the applicable heading in the FAQ.


Terms of Service re. shipping/handling and prep times apply.
Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.
Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service, including your understanding of our posted shipping, handling, and turnaround times; guidelines for contacting us about a current order or service; and instructions for how to request a trace on a shipped item.

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